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A part of product development manager’s job is to see the vision of the product and lay it out in-front of everyone so that everyone can grasp the idea of what is to be made and eventually drive towards materialization of this vision into reality. We all know how it works. Product managers has to manage backlog, prioritization of the backlog, alignment between business and technology people and bring together a plan to make business feasible keeping customer experience in mind.

In order to do all that a product manager has to keep track of multiple things in multiple places due to variation is skill level of his/her stakeholders. I mean you can’t expect a business owner to know how to use JIRA, right? Maybe they are more used to google sheet in order to manage, store and share information.

Although there are wonderful softwares like Jira, Productify, Figma etc. none of them can provide the easy user experience yet across different functioning team in a company who are directly or indirectly related with product development.

I believe product development function is the most crucial part of an organization and this function should be the most organized function in an entire organization. Hence, I was working with a excel file which could potentially help all the product managers to organize their work into a single place and would be also user-friendly for other stakeholders to look at also.

What are some of the most painful questions a product manager has to go through?
1. How to collect all the requirements from all the stakeholders?
2. How to make it visible where there requirement is in the requirement queue?
3. How to make stakeholders convinced on the position of his/her requirement in the queue?
4. How to incorporate development areas identified my product managers themselves and prioritize it in the backlog?
5. How to automate the population of these requirement data into one single seamless journey?

In order to answer to all the above questions I have designed a simple journey which I practiced in Sheba Platform Limited as a product manager there which seemed to work pretty well.

The process is described as below:
–> Stakeholders fills-up a requirement requisition form [google form]
–> All requirement from stakeholder gets dump in a google response excel sheet
–> No BUG issues are being reported in this google form
–> Even product manager’s product improvement areas (i.e UI/UX improvement, event implementation etc.) are being submitted through this google form
–> A backlog is formed 🙂
–> Backlog grooming session occurs weekly with all the stakeholder in order to prioritize the whole backlog
–> Sprint planning and the status of the task in being then managed directly from this backlog sheet
–> A roadmap visualization from the backlog is generated automatically in another sheet of the same excel file
–> It includes hour required for development and project/feature wise segregation as well
–> THAT’S IT !! 😀

Click Here for the template I made in google sheet…