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Purchased on 21st July 2018

It was like a dream come true when I finally got my hands on my first project car. It was a TOYOTA AE101 FWD [Auto Gear]. I would definitely say its one of the most robust and reliable cars in my experience with it over the past few years.

It was almost in bone stock condition when I bought it. Since then I had done a lot of experiments on it in terms of both performance and aesthetics wise.

Just like any other newbie car enthusiast I was first more into aesthetics…..

I chose to give a pearl white coat in paint.

Did my custom wide fender and bodykits using fiberglass (cause its cheap :P).

Put on 17 Inch SSR Rims [Thailand] with 215/45/17R Haida Tyres in the rear and 215/40/17R Yokohama sDrive in the front.

Custom 2.5 Inch piping straight from the engine exhaust port and dual exhaust piping at the end fitted with stock endbox. [to keep the noise down :)]

I also done few engine modifications which included Apexi Air Filter and an external air Kompressor unit to pump in compressed cold air in the engine which helps to burn fuel better [better A/F ratio].

The best I could get out of this car was approximately 110 Km/h in 14 seconds.